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Individual and relationship psychotherapy

—via secure, HIPAA compliant video conference system

Proudly serving the mental health needs of the LGBTQ+, kink/BDSM, polyamorous communities, and sex workers.

When you decide to work with a therapist, you're seeking to access their extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise. It makes sense that you want them to actually share it with you! I will not sit back passively and make you work for months to figure something out on your own.

Clients come to me because they're in pain. I want to help them alleviate their pain, and create happiness and stability in their lives and relationships as quickly as possible.


That's why I prefer to take a more active role. I will not be only a passive sounding board! I teach client's about the interplay between thoughts, emotions, cultural norms, and neurophysiology and how they come together to either contribute to or damage their peace and happiness. I teach clients evidence based techniques to repair relationships, heal wounds, accept what needs to be accepted, and change what needs to be changed. I get right down into the trenches with you, dig through the emotional rubble, help you repair the damage, and get your life and relationships on track. 

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Services offered


I am not a passive therapist. I'll begin with assessment and provide you with a preliminary diagnosis. Then I'll teach you all about that diagnosis. We'll identify your goals for symptom improvement or relief and get right to work reducing your pain and improving your quality of life. 


Therapeutically, I specialize in PTSD (trauma) and C-PTSD (complex trauma), OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and other anxiety disorders, depression, gender identity exploration or disorder, and autism spectrum disorder.


I work with adults, and older teens. And I can provide transition letters at no additional charge within the context of therapy.

Engaging a therapist to help repair and strengthen your relationship is challenging enough without also wondering if your relationship structure or style will be appreciated and affirmed.

If you want a detailed understanding of my approach to relationships and relationship therapy, you will soon be able to read my book! Until then, try my blog.

Cultivating Connection: A practical guide to personal and relationship growth in ethical non-monogamy.

Coming soon!

Sex worker affirming

Sex work is work. Period. I have considerable experience working with clients who have engaged in voluntary sex work and I will not in any way pathologize the work you do. It's very important that the therapist you work with is someone you can be completely open with. 


I'm aware that people come to therapy for help with their mental health symptoms and help with their relationships.


Your mental health and relationship struggles probably have nothing to do with your work, but even if there is a connection, your work needs to be respected.


I am licensed to provide psychotherapy for clients located in Georgia, South Carolina, or Florida in the USA. If you are in some other location, I cannot provide therapy, but I might be able to provide Coaching services.


Coaching is fundamentally different from therapy. It does not include getting or managing mental health diagnoses. Nor does it cover therapist services such as letters for gender affirming procedures, or time away from work. Coaching is also not covered by insurance companies in their out of network services.


Coaching does include helping clients identify goals (even emotional or relationship goals), providing motivation and support, and teaching clients skills to help them achieve their goals.



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