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Cultivating Connection
by Sander T Jones

Cultivating Connection:
A practical guide for personal and relationship growth in ethical non-monogamy
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Coming soon! Cultivating Connection is a relationship skills
book like no other!

Cultivating Connection is a comprehensive guide for creating and maintaining healthy relationships with deep connections while also fostering healthy individuals. This book makes the interconnections between ethics, boundaries, interpersonal power, individual human rights, as well as how we communicate and resolve conflicts clear and easy to understand.


Written in a relatable, readable style, this book is affirming and inclusive for BIPOC, LGBTQ, kink and BDSM readers and written specifically for those of us practicing ethical non-monogamy. Cultivating Connection teaches step by step skills with real life examples that will absolutely change the way you and your partners communicate, problem-solve, and repair your relationships.


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Listen to what others are saying about Cultivating Connection...

"The compassion that Sander encourages as they teach about human rights, boundaries, relationship agreements, personal responsibility, mutual respect, and ethics, shines through on every page. Sander is a staunch advocate for being kind to oneself, our partners, and all the other connections in the potentially challenging relationship styles of ethical non-monogamy. Cultivating Connection is a must have conflict resolution and relationship skills book."

—Dr. Elisabeth Sheff, author of The Polyamorists Next Door, and Children in Polyamorous Families

"A must-read, and one of the most comprehensive resources for non-monogamy! This book gives readers the tools they need to communicate collaboratively and effectively, navigate and resolve conflicts, and nurture relationships built on respect, responsibility, and autonomy."

—Dr. Liz Powell, PsyD, author of Building Open Relationships: Your hands-on guide to swinging, polyamory, and beyond!

"Readers practicing ethical non-monogamy with authority transfer elements will find Cultivating Connection a great place to start building their fulfilling dynamic. This book doesn’t judge or discriminate. Personal and relationship growth for all!"

—Master Devyn Stone, author of Why I Don't Own Them Yet... A practical guide to building an authority transfer dynamic and Executive Producer of THRIVE: The only virtual conference dedicated to the intersection of neurodivergence, mental health, and BDSM

"Sander writes clearly and compassionately, understanding how our pasts, our neurophysiology, our wants and needs, how we communicate, and the systems in which we live, all combine to influence the places we feel stuck in relationships of all kinds. Sander gives real world examples of how this complexity impacts people, and then follows with practical exercises to work through. We all exist in relationship to other humans, and we have all felt stuck. I recommend this book to anyone! "

—Dr. Rachel Anne Kieran, Owner, StorieBrook Therapy & Consulting; Contributor, Critical and Experiential: Dimensions in Gender and Sexual Diversity; TEDx Presenter, How Fairy Tales Failed Me

Sander T Jones, LCSW, LISW-CP, CCH
Author Bio

Sander T. Jones, LCSW, LISW-CP, CCH is a clinical social worker, certified hypnotherapist, and author in Atlanta, Georgia. Sander has over 10 years’ experience working with people in ethically non-monogamous relationships, people in the kink/BDSM/Leather communities, LGBTQ+ communities, and people doing voluntary sex work. 

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