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Client Resources

LGBTQ+ Affirming Doctors (Atlanta)

  • QMed

  • Absolute Care

  • Intown Primary Care

  • Dr T Douglas Gurley

  • Dr Gabriella Maris

  • Dr Zandraetta Tims-Cook

  • Bell Primary Care

A regularly updated list of transgender-friendly and knowledgeable professionals in healthcare, legal, and more can be found at the Transgender Map.

*Due to COVID-19, it's suggested you call ahead to ask about each physician's policies, including secure telehealth.

The Secular Therapist Project

For those seeking secular mental health professionals, we recommend the Secular Therapist Project.

Many of these therapists have switched to secure telehealth services in order to continue seeing their clients while also maintaining social distancing.

The Open List and Polyamory-Friendly Professionals

The Open List provides a list of professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable about LGBTQIA+ lifestyles, gender identities, open relationships, polyamory, ethical nonmonogamy, swinging, and other persons and relationship styles that may not fit under the cisheteronormative definitions of "traditional" families.

The Polyamory-Friendly Professionals Directory also provides a list of mental healthcare providers who are polyamory-friendly and knowledgeable.

The Kink Aware Professionals Directory

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom has created the Kink Awareness Professional Directory. Here you will find listings of professionals who have stated they are knowledgeable about and sensitive to diverse expressions of sexuality. These professionals include:

  • Therapists

  • Psychologists

  • Psychiatrists

  • Social Workers

  • Consultants

  • Relationship and Life Coaches

  • Doctors

  • Attorneys

The Secular Therapist Project

The LGBTQ Therapist Locator is a database of mental health professionals who self-report that they meet the criteria for inclusion as competent and safe providers for members of the LGBTQ+ community. Search for providers by city and state, ZIP code, specialty, and insurance accepted.

Voice Coaching Services

*Contact these organizations to find out their current policies regarding COVID-19, and whether secure teleconferencing is available.

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